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dotKeine Verwendung neu abgebauter Edelmetalle. Durch die Verwendung von ausschließlich recycelten Edelmetallen entstehen keine Veranderungen und Zerstörungen des zerbrechlichen Ökosystems.
dotVerarbeitung von Kieselsteinen.
Keine Verwendung von tierischen und tiegetesteten Produkten. Geeignet für Vegetarier und Veganer.
dot15% vom Gewinn werden Natur- und Tierschutzorganisationen, wie auch Renaturierungsprojekten gespendet.
Keine Verwendung von chemisch gefährlichen Stoffen.
Keine Vergoldung, Versilberung und Rhodinierung.
Zielgerichtet der Natur mehr zu geben als zu entnehmen.
dotKeine Verwendung von frisch abgebauten Edelsteinen.
dotDas Atelier Laibach verwendet das ethische Label
The  About The NOVA Key Ethical Label Key.

Unsere handgefertigte Schmuckverpackung
Unsere handgefertigte Schmuckverpackung besteht aus Bambusfleece, Raffia und einem veganen Siegelwachs.


Signet Rings by Kerstin Laibach VEG*N Inscribed Jewellery ...
Options and Prices

Die Informationen auf dieser Seite werden in Kürze übersetzt. Bitte entschuldigen Sie die Unannehmlichkeit. Bei Fragen können Sie uns gerne kontaktieren.

Laibach designed Veg*n Inscribed pieces are made to order. You can choose different precious metal options and your choice of wording. You can request wider or slimmer options and Kerstin Laibach will explain to you what is technically feasible when you get in touch.

If you wish to order a design please take a note of the piece number on the jewellery display pages and fill in the online order enquiry.

Veg*n Inscription Wording

Necklaces, pendants, pins, earrings, rings and bracelets can be inscribed or embossed with various wordings or lettering. Here are some examples*:

" Love Vegan"
(Although you can request a piece with just the letter "V" on it we don't particularly recommend it, as it can easily be mistaken as a name initial.)

*We do not accept orders for inscriptions which may be deemed offensive, extreme or otherwise uncivil.

Styles ... every bespoke order offers unique qualities

Like all Laibach ethical jewellery creations, every piece is entirely handmade at Atelier Laibach, including fixings and chains. No two pieces are identical. A bespoke piece is as individual as its wearer, and naturally Kerstin Laibach listens carefully to your wishes; designing and crafting your piece to be as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for you as possible. Don't forget that Kerstin mainly use surface gathered stones in her pieces, with no detrimental impact to the environment. You may wish to have a vegan or veggie inscribed piece made with a Laibach gathered stone or even one you have gathered yourself. Alternatively you may have a very old precious stone from an old piece of family jewellery which is either broken beyond repair or has no aesthetic value as a collectible piece. If so please read Laibach's "Threshold Principles" to see if your old jewellery fits the criteria and is reclaimable.
Please also see the rest of the Laibach website ( lower down the left menu) for all the information you need and perhaps find inspiration for your ideal Laibach bespoke piece.

Recycled Precious Metal Options

Our complete list of precious metal crafting options include:

  • Platinum
  • 24ct Gold (Fine gold for various techniques)
  • 18ct Yellow Gold 750/-
  • White Gold (either 14ct or 18ct)
  • Champagne Gold 18ct
  • 18ct Rose Gold 750/-
  • 18ct Red Gold 750/-
  • 14ct Hamilton Gold
  • 14ct Gold 585/- (Lighter Yellow)
  • Pd 950 Palladium*
  • Pd 500 Palladium*
  • Sterling Silver
  • Fine silver (for various techniques)
  • Combinations of precious metal options are also available

Note: None of our precious metals contain nickel.

*Palladium is from a group of elements called platinum group metals. Palladium 500 is a dark silvery grey colour, followed by Palladium 950 with a lighter silvery grey colour. Because of the dark silvery grey colour of palladium 500 the contrast with script in yellow gold (18ct) can look lovely. A positive characteristic of Palladium is that it doesn't tarnish like silver and is harder than silver. It also gives a closer appearance to white gold than silver.

More information on Laibach's crafting using precious metals, choices and pricing. (Opens separate window)

Chains for Pendants

Our handmade chains are sold separately and we make them to suit your exact length requirements.
For your Laibach handmade chain options please see here. (Opens a separate page)
Please mention if you require a chain when you order.

Price Guide

All information about cost estimates and pricing of your bespoke Laibach piece can be found here.


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