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dotOnly recycled precious metals and not directly mined and therefore no further displacement of fragile eco-systems.
dotLocally-gathered surface stones.
Cruelty-free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
dot15% of profits donated to wildlife protection and re-naturing - also land-care education in developing countries.
A genuine approach to chemical-hazard-free crafting.
No plating. No casting. Nothing designed or made with computer software.
Carbon-inverted targets (Dedicated to putting more back into nature than taking from it).
Every detail handmade by Laibach.
No greenwash answers to customer questions.
No newly-mined gems ... ever.
dotAtelier Laibach is the first jewellery maker worldwide to use
The  About The NOVA Key Ethical Label Key ethical label.

Atelier Laibach jewellery pouch
Your Laibach jewellery piece comes in our own handmade pouch made with bamboo, raffia and vegan sealing wax.



Vegan Wedding and Partnership Rings

Creator of the first fine goldsmith hand-forged Bio Vegan (Organic Vegan) Wedding and Partnership Rings.
The pioneering Laibach principles take ethical jewellery to its ultimate ecological conclusion

"As vegan or vegetarian partners preparing for your special day, your most important ecological consideration is to ensure that your rings truly represent such values in their entirety and always a genuine reflection of your ethical vows.
As with all my jewellery creations,
my wedding and engagement rings are entirely suitable for vegans; made in a vegan workbench environment without any animal derived products or tools. However, this is just scratching the surface as to how my principles ensure complete vegan integrity before, throughout and long after the crafting of your rings. Details are described on my dedicated vegan information pages.
For couples wishing to express their vegan vows with more visual impact I have also created additional "vegan inscribed" wedding or partnership bands which work well as pairs. For example, my "Leaf" ring designs (below) with the leaf vein structure subtly shaped into letters, spell the word "vegan" or "veg*n" ("veggie" is also possible)". Kerstin Laibach

Laibach Vegan Wedding and Partnership rings

Left: Vegan Inscribed Leaf Rings Completely hand-forged in every aspect, therefore always unique.
More vegan inscribed options below.


At no extra cost to you, 15% from profits of all new Laibach jewellery is donated to wildlife protection and re-naturing projects, also land-care education in developing countries helping subsistence-based communities towards truly sustainable and environmentally-friendly vocations .... not dragging them further into the mining vortex.
The rings and all crafting materials used to make them are are purely earth and habitat friendly, biologically tuned to nature (if ever discarded) without any detrimental impact (Thrucycling).
Beyond the obvious omission of animal-derived products in the jewellery itself, uniquely obtained and self-made work shop alternatives are tuned to Laibach's unparalleled ethical jewellery principles - an ethical pledge of uppermost integrity while excelling in design and creation in fine goldsmith standards.

If you are interested in commissioning Kerstin Laibach for high-value precious material vegan rings, consultation with vegan wedding couples in person is a preferred option if you live in either South / West England or in South Germany / Switzerland. Or you can visit at her Black Forest atelier / gallery near Basel, South West Germany / Switzerland . Fifty percent of Kerstin's wedding ring commissions are completely arranged online, so even if you are on the other side of the world you can discuss your wishes with Kerstin through detailed correspondence, be sent a ring-sizer for exact fittings, whereby all other technicalities worked through with absolute clarity and confidence.
Kerstin offers an exclusive choice of recycled precious metals for your rings - even made from your own family's unwanted old gold as the most environmentally friendly option.

All of the work created be Kerstin Laibach goldsmith artist is purely bio-vegan (organic vegan) (a unique concept and first of its kind), but here below are just some examples of her vegan wedding and partnership rings which actually have the word "vegan" subtly inscribed into their design.

Vegan Leaf Ring with vegan inscription - Full details
Vegan Inscribed Leaf Ring ... for vegans
Vegetarian style ring with veggie inscription - Full details
Veg*n Inscribed Leaf Ring ... for vegetarians
Celtic style ring with vegan inscription - Full details
Trugaredd and Elus ...
a perfect pair in white gold
Celtic inspired symbology spelling "Vegan"
Vegan Wedding and Partnership Rings
"As part of my strict ecological principles, all of my jewellery is suitable for vegans. Therefore I would like to guide you to my main Ethical Partnership pages where you can find more wedding and eternity examples, plus all the information you should need to ensure you are happy with your choice.
All rings are made to order, and I can of course discuss special designs with you."
Kerstin Laibach.

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Vegan Integrity

Laibach's principles mean you receive a completely honest answer about any ethical question relating to vegan requirements. Laibach atelier prefers to explain the more essential moral aspects of Kerstin's creation process rather than hide any anomalies by simply not mentioning it ... Kerstin intends to offer her designs to the strictest vegan with a clear conscience. So, please let Kerstin Laibach's atelier know if you have any essential requirements regarding the construction of your piece when ordering.
More Vegan Information here ...


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