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dotOnly recycled precious metals and not directly mined and therefore no further displacement of fragile eco-systems.
dotLocally-gathered surface stones.
Cruelty-free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
dot15% of profits donated to wildlife protection and re-naturing - also land-care education in developing countries.
A genuine approach to chemical-hazard-free crafting.
No plating. No casting. Nothing designed or made with computer software.
Carbon-inverted targets (Dedicated to putting more back into nature than taking from it).
Every detail handmade by Laibach.
No greenwash answers to customer questions.
No newly-mined gems ... ever.
dotAtelier Laibach is the first jewellery maker worldwide to use
The  About The NOVA Key Ethical Label Key ethical label.

Ethical Jewellery Gift Voucher
Atelier Laibach jewellery pouch
Your jewellery piece comes in a Kerstin Laibach handmade pouch made with bamboo / hemp, raffia and vegan sealing wax.


Rejuvenating Worn-out Wedding Rings for New Couples ...
... Or Renew your Wedding Vows with a rejuvination of your wedding rings.

Kerstin Laibach offers unique ways to rejuvenate worn-out partnership rings. For both sentimental and ethical reasons it makes perfect sense to consider restoration of your rings, either to re-strengthen them because of wear and tear or because you would like to simply change or update their appearance. Almost any redesign is possible to suite your requirements. New couples may wish to "recycle" family jewellery into their new rings ... (See more on Kerstin Laibach's Wedding pages)

Married couples renewing wedding vows may wish their rings to be re-made into something fresh and exciting.


Wedding ring complete rejuvenation - design by Kerstin Laibach
Wedding ring complete rejuvenation - design by Kerstin Laibach

The starting point of this Laibach redesign above was a customer's much loved 40 year old plain wedding band. The only aspect which needed to be retained was the inner engraving. Kerstin Laibach designed a Deco style diamond mount in 585/- white gold and set in a high grade reclaimed diamond. She has re-shaped and finished the ring body in misty matt to compliment its 14ct contrasting gold colour to stunning effect. Laibach deco style ring design options available on request.



Original old wedding ring 1.This original wedding ring had become very thin and was almost worn through. The engraving was hardly readable.
parts ready to create new ring 2. The top plate and the hallmark were cut out and the rest of the ring melted in with additional gold to create a new band and inner plate.
Kerstin Laibach solders new handcut letters onto ring 3. New initials were hand sawn in white gold and soldered onto the top plate.
Finished rejuvenated ring by Kerstin Laibach 4. Here is the finished ring. Rejuvenated by Kerstin Laibach to last for many more years.


Right: Palladium and rose gold wedding rings. Made for a wedding couple using rose gold from the bride's grandparents old wedding rings. The rings are based on Laibach Leaf and Breisach designs, with two rose gold paths winding around the surface.
Palladium and rose gold wedding rings by Kerstin Laibach
Laibach Path Ring integrating old wedding ring Left: This picture shows a 70 year old wedding ring incorporated into a new design without actually changing the original ring. The lady's original ring had become very thin with wear, but now it is freely integrated as the center band in an adapted version of the Laibach "Path Ring". With a new lease of life, the ring is worn with renewed pride by its elderly owner.
Right: A strong and fresh new look was the customer's wish for his old wedding ring ... and to be made larger at the same time.
On the inside you can see a section of the old yellow gold band which has been retained with its original engraving. This has then been infused into a bold new Laibach design - made in white gold.
Rejuvenated wedding ring by Kerstin Laibach

To find out more about sending your old relationship pieces for rejuvenation please see this page.

We would like to thank the rings' owners for allowing us to illustrate Kerstin Laibach's redesign work in these examples.


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