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dotOnly recycled precious metals and not directly mined and therefore no further displacement of fragile eco-systems.
dotLocally-gathered surface stones.
Cruelty-free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
dot15% of profits donated to wildlife protection and re-naturing - also land-care education in developing countries.
A genuine approach to chemical-hazard-free crafting.
No plating. No casting. Nothing designed or made with computer software.
Carbon-inverted targets (Dedicated to putting more back into nature than taking from it).
Every detail handmade by Laibach.
No greenwash answers to customer questions.
No newly-mined gems ... ever.
dotAtelier Laibach is the first jewellery maker worldwide to use
The  About The NOVA Key Ethical Label Key ethical label.

Ethical Jewellery Gift Voucher
Atelier Laibach jewellery pouch
Your jewellery piece comes in a Kerstin Laibach handmade pouch made with bamboo / hemp, raffia and vegan sealing wax.
Forget-Me-Not set from the FlowerPower Collection - Copyright Kerstin Laibach

dotOnly sustainable recycled precious metals and not directly mined and therefore no further displacement of fragile ecosystems.
Unique, advanced ethics in high definition "slow" goldsmith craft and design, with every detail holistically handmade by Kerstin Laibach.
No casting.
No plating.
No factory parts.
No computer design.
dot Cruelty-free and
Organic/Bio-Vegan ... a world first.
dotA generous percentage of profits donated to wildlife protection and re-naturing - also land-care education in developing countries.
dot Carbon-inverted targets. (Dedicated to putting more back into nature than taking from it.)
dot Locally-gathered surface stones.
dot Truly green ... No greenwash.
dot A genuine approach to chemical-hazard-free crafting.
dot Purely earth-friendly and earth-returnable.
dot No newly-mined gems.
dot Atelier Laibach is the first
"slow" goldsmith and also the first to use The  About The NOVA Key Ethical Label Key ethical clarity label.

A unique ethos ...

Luxury with a clear conscience is goldsmith artist Kerstin Laibach's founding principle as she seamlessly introduces a genuine ethos of sustainability into contemporary and classical jewellery design. Kerstin excels in entirely handmaking every detail of her pieces, including chains and intricate closing mechanisms, a "slow" principle ensuring absolute integrity in both quality and uncompromised ethics. The result is a perfect blend of environmental harmony and personal expression ... true synchronicity for those who embrace the giving or receiving of cruelty-free, sustainable jewellery made to precise goldsmith standards.
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... or continue scrolling for a concise synopsis of Kerstin Laibach's meticulous approach to fine ethical goldsmithing.

Great White Egrets Finger Sculpture from the Rise Collection - Copyright Kerstin Laibach

Being environmentally aware not only means questioning the source of your jewellery, but also how it is made. Kerstin Laibach's holistic approach assures that every available measure is taken to create truly earth-kind jewellery through her unique ecological crafting principles. By realigning traditional goldsmith techniques, Laibach embraces kindness to all nature, without compromising on contemporary style or classical elegance.

Genuinely Responsible, Sustainable and Green.
Only Recycled Precious Metals and Gems ... Never New Mined.

When you purchase a Laibach jewellery piece you will be helping to protect wildlife and the environment and also helping to lift subsistence based communities in developing countries out of poverty and away from the dependency and dead-end vortex of mining - along with the devastation it creates to their own homelands.

Although Kerstin Laibach is regarded as the " ultimate ethical goldsmith" and "ahead of her time", she feels that "ethical" and "gold" in the same sentence reflects an uncomfortable juxtaposition when fragile forests are still unnecessarily dug up. Kerstin states that "Gold will only become ethically stable when it is no longer mined at all. and there is already enough previously mined old gold available to be recycled indefinitely".
Kerstin Laibach presents the purest ecological form of fine jewellery ethics by using only sustainable recycled precious metals and gems and never environmentally damaging new-mined ... this also includes no fair-trade gold either, which is mined.
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What is the difference between recycled gold and new-mined gold?

More synopsis below including updates about ethical goldsmith artist Kerstin Laibach.

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Learn more about Kerstin Laibach's unique principles: a true ecological path to creating pure ethical jewellery.

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A Holistic Approach ...

Kerstin Laibach does not cast her jewellery but forges every aspect of her pieces with meticulous care by hand from raw recycled metals. Her design themes range from sculptural-contemporary to classic-ethereal ... intricate metal craft which often sweeps around the sensory feel of locally gathered stones. Natural pebbles, including sea-glass pieces, are set in their original organic form without any cutting.
Kerstin never uses computer programmes to design or make her pieces and handcrafts every single part - from fine chain links to stone setting. Computers can never match or replace the instincts of human tactile senses; organically feeling the formation of a piece - the subtle changes which evolve through sensory touch as the piece is shaped into a finished article which instinctively feels right. The unique feeling, comfort and durability of a Laibach piece is achieved through this skilled and tactual approach.
Kerstin also intergrates a uniquely ecologically advanced anthroposophic element into her crafting methods, which are also suggested in some of her designs.

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Clarity and Never Greenwash - Genuine Ethical Jewellery

Advanced Ethical Standards with Clarity ... never Greenwash ...

Integrity is very important to the whole ecological foundation of the Laibach ethos, so we always aim to provide a hundred percent clarity through our progressive principles.
It is an environmentally enlightened mindset that Kerstin Laibach's work appeals to ... clients from all corners of the world who recognise and wholly appreciate the difference between greenwash and true ecologically-tuned crafting practices. Even then, the Laibach principles are constantly revised through our ongoing mission to passionately maintain the highest level of integrity, so that your trust in this unique service is always fully warranted.
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To Vegan Inscribed Pieces by Kerstin Laibach

Beauty Without Cruelty ... Suitable for Vegans ...

All Laibach jewellery is suitable for vegetarians and vegans - and to the most stringent standards - whereby no animal derivatives are used during construction and no procedures or crafting materials used which might damage habitats. Kerstin Laibach is the first goldsmith worldwide to create entirely with unique "bio-vegan" principles. This pioneering approach takes ethical jewellery to the next level and to its ultimate ecological conclusion.
(For Laibach atelier's dedicated website pages which describes in full detail an "unparalleled" vegan-friendly approach to jewellery making see ...

Purely Vegan Jewellery Art


To Wedding and Partnership Rings

Beautifully Ethical Wedding, Engagement and Partnership Rings ...

Think ethical when committing to your life partner. A respect for your loved one is reflected through the way your wedding, eternity, engagement or handfasting rings have been chosen and crafted ... with compassion and environmental care. Kerstin Laibach provides an extensive ethical wedding and partnership jewellery service. Every question answered and every important stage and fine detail of your life-long rings presented and discussed.
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Jewellery Restoration and Repair Work by Kerstin Laibach

Precise Restoration ...

Kerstin Laibach's intricate restoration work is regarded as "exceptional" by antique jewellery evaluators.
Recycled or reclaimed materials are used in all restoration and repair work undertaken, and there is an age threshold relating to the reclamation and restoration of old jewellery.
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Rejuvenation of old wedding rings is a Laibach speciality, either for new couples wishing to "recycle" discarded family jewellery into new bands or married couples wishing to renew wedding vows.
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Inscribed Ethical Jewellery by Kerstin Laibach

Family Tree Creations and Hand Inscribed Pieces ...

A Laibach family tree creation or personally inscribed piece is also a key moment for you to consider its ecological message ... a moral sentiment which will echo throughout future generations.
"Hand-forged" and "hand-inscribed" are now rare fine goldsmithing skills, but Kerstin Laibach still applies these principles in her everyday crafting practices.
Personal Inscribed or Family Tree bespoke services.


Kerstin Laibach Sculptural and Architectural Jewellery

Architectural and Sculptural Statements ...

Kerstin Laibach's unique design approach to architectural and sculptural jewellery demonstrates how true goldsmithing can still explore the boundless realms of the abstract without compromising on fine detail and wearability. Her standing Finger Sculptures are a fascinating new concept in hand jewellery and can be viewed at a Laibach atelier sub-site
Kerstin says, "Even with the more engineered style of some of the Rise pieces (Finger Sculptures), I like to use the shapes and lines of natural stones to determine the structure that surrounds them. It's a miniaturized approach to how artistic forms, sculptured by nature, and manmade art in architecture can harmonize."
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Kerstin Laibach supports wildlife protection and re-naturing projects

Supporting Wildlife and Conservation ...

Laibach's ethics combine to create a unique, bespoke service; supporting related good causes while enabling you to wear a little luxury with a clear conscience.
Your personal piece comes with relevant ecological information and details of how a percentage of profits (15%) is awarded to relevant wildlife protection and re-naturing programmes.
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Kerstin Laibach - Genuinely sustainable jewellery making methods - Nothing new-mined Where and When?...

Kerstin Laibach's website extends a warm welcome worldwide to all who embrace new ethical horizons. If you are in doubt about ordering high-value pieces though the internet, particulary precious wedding bands, please read a
word of assurance found here.
Along with many examples of
Kerstin Laibach's work, this website provides extensive information on Atelier Laibach's proactive ethical approach to goldsmithing including discussion on the way ethics are marketed in the jewellery business. There are also updates relating to the environments which Laibach atelier helps to support plus information on shows, galleries and exhibitions where you can see the collections and discuss your requirements in person.
collections pages are being added to weekly. Some displayed pieces with stones may no longer be available, however a similar but not identical design can sometimes be made to order. Band rings are usually repeatable. (Bespoke designs and some special Collection pieces are not repeated.)
If you have trouble remembering the spelling of you can also simply type in to reach this website.
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Kerstin Laibach has a private atelier situated in the Wiesental Valley nature park (the birth place of Constanze Mozart) in the heart of the southern Black Forest, Germany (soon to open a main atelier/gallery in the same area). If you are commissioning a Laibach piece or wedding rings in high-value precious materials and are in the vicinity of south west Germany, Switzerland, or east France (Alsace), meetings can often be arranged. 15% of profits of German made pieces are awarded to selected Central European based wildlife organisations including Truz in the Three Country Corner of France, Switzerland and Germany.

UK WORKBENCH: Kerstin Laibach also has a busy workbench in Dorset, England, (notably for UK clients the most ecologically ethical fine jewellery handmade in Britain). If you are commissioning a Laibach piece or wedding rings in high-value precious materials and are in the vicinity of south west England or London, meetings can sometimes be arranged. 15% of profits of UK made pieces are awarded to selected UK wildlife organisations including The Somerset Wildlife Trust and The Seahorse Trust.

EXHIBITIONS: For the exhibition diary covering all countries please see here.


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Laibach Atelier Work Schedule Notices... Update late 2013

Due to an increasing number of commissions for Kerstin Laibach's hand-forged wedding and engagement rings, please ensure that you allow plenty of time in advance of your special day to place your ring request.

Kerstin Laibach will soon be opening a new main atelier / gallery in the beautiful old town area of Schopfheim in the Black Forest's Wiesental Valley close to the Swiss border. It will serve as a base for international client appointments as well as welcoming local wedding clients and customers for repair and fine restoration work.

Kerstin Laibach Ethical Sustainable  Handmade Designer Jewellery from Recycled Precious Metals,  Antique Gems and Surface Gathered PebblesCollections, Bespoke Commissioning, Repair and Restoration Requests

If you would like to place an on-line order for a currently available Laibach Collection piece or discuss your bespoke requirements or otherwise enquire about Kerstin Laibach's repair and restoration service please get in touch.


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