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dotOnly recycled precious metals and not directly mined and therefore no further displacement of fragile eco-systems.
dotLocally-gathered surface stones.
Cruelty-free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
dot15% of profits donated to wildlife protection and re-naturing - also land-care education in developing countries.
A genuine approach to chemical-hazard-free crafting.
No plating. No casting. Nothing designed or made with computer software.
Carbon-inverted targets (Dedicated to putting more back into nature than taking from it).
Every detail handmade by Laibach.
No greenwash answers to customer questions.
No newly-mined gems ... ever.
dotAtelier Laibach is the first jewellery maker worldwide to use
The  About The NOVA Key Ethical Label Key ethical label.

Ethical Jewellery Gift Voucher
Atelier Laibach jewellery pouch
Your jewellery piece comes in a Kerstin Laibach handmade pouch made with bamboo / hemp, raffia and vegan sealing wax.


the NOVA Key Trademark

To clearly describe the ethical nature of each jewellery piece, Atelier Laibach uses the NOVA Key Ethical Clarity Label.

The NOVA Key is an extremely versatile "dynamic" label characterized by four letters spelling the word "NOVA". These letters establish the ethical nature of a product in a unique and unambiguous manner. It provides a quick reference for you the customer, disclosing the product's ethical "footprint" so you can determine at a glance if it generally suits your ethical preferences.

A letter in the NOVA Key can be marked with or without a cross (X) to instantly reflect the "ethical" composition of the product. This crossing gives you a clear, informed choice as to whether or not the product is suitable for you.

Each of the four letters which make up the NOVA Key is represented as follows:

  • "N" for Natural
    Shows whether or not the product contains genetically modified ingredients.
  • "O" for Organic
    Shows whether or not the product is free of chemical pesticides, fertilizers or other non-organic materials.
  • "V" for Vegetarian / Vegan
    Shows whether or not the product contains animals, fish and their derivatives. It is vegan when the "V" is underlined in light green. NOVA Key Vegan initialisation
  • "A" for Animal Welfare and Habitat
    The "A" has three interlinked functions. A clear (uncrossed) "A" indicates that the product and ingredients have not been animal tested. If a clear "A" is underlined in green this indicates the product is rainforest, natural habitat and ecologically friendly (and with jewellery, not newly mined). If the product is animal-based, an uncrossed "A" indicates that welfare standards are approved*. If any of the above conditions are not met then the "A" is crossed.
    Farm animal welfare approvals are not based on external farm standards labelling but instead the undertaking of independant verification by The NOVA Key to establish stress-free treatment and freedom of livestock on organic smallholdings.

Laibach Jewellery NOVA Key Crossings

A product has to be 95% organic to allow the NOVA Key "O" to be left uncrossed.
There may occasionally be a Laibach piece where you see that the "O" for Organic has been crossed on the NOVA Key to show that it contains non-organic materials. For example, this might be on a jewellery piece which may consist of a quantity of sea-glass, bringing the entire piece above the organic threshold. Glass or plastics are not "organic". We only ever use recycled glass (sea-glass) and on very rare occasions recycled biodegradable plastic from vegetable crop derivatives.

Minerals and metal ores are exempt from a NOVA Key cross on the "O" for Organic. This is because ores such as gold and other pure precious metals are a natural earth deposit.

If any Laibach piece contains glue, we will not be required to cross the "O", because our glue's non-organic ingredients always make up less than 5% of the overall piece. As mentioned above, a product has to be 95% organic to allow the NOVA Key "O" to be left uncrossed. The glues we use are suitable for vegans.

The "A" for animal welfare may need to be crossed on non-food products if it contains a chemical additive (such as glue) which has been tested on animals since 1985. The glue Laibach uses if necessary in jewellery fixings has never been tested on animals and is vegan friendly.
Precious metals and stones are mostly extracted from the earth to the detriment of natural flora and fauna habitats. The "A" may be underlined with a light green bar if metals used in a product are only from a recycled source and have not been freshly extracted from the ground. All our precious metals are from a strictly monitored recycled source. We gather our non-precious surface stones, such as pebbles and sea-glass by hand without negative impact to the environment or its ecosytem. Any diamonds we include in our pieces are lab-created* or reclaimed from old jewellery (subject to our 10 year threshold principle).

Some customers prefer the style of black rubber neck cord or black cotton cord instead of metal chains on certain pendants and necklaces (as seen on a couple of our example pieces). Because of this, we offer the option of these materials by customer request only.
However, the source of the ingredients of these cord options have so far been impossible to fully determine:
a) Whether or not the rubber or cotton neck cord contains any animal derivatives.
b) Whether or not either the rubber or cotton neck cord is made from recycled materials.
c) Whether or not the cotton neck cord is organic.
Some manufacturers or suppliers give tenuous or conflicting information about these considerations, and since they are unable to provide straightforward answers, we do not apply the NOVA Key to rubber or cotton neck cord until we can correctly initialise their ethical make-up. At present, vegans may wish to avoid the rubber cord and we suggest you choose our hand-crafted chains instead.

*The NOVA Key has presently determined that Lab-Created diamonds do not require crossings on the "A" or "N". Lab-grown diamonds, using HPHT or CVD processes, constitute identical elements to mined diamonds. Being lab-grown they are not a detrimental risk to natural selection and therefore categorized as exempt from "N" (and also "O" crossings as in the case of precious metals and gems). However, mined stones and precious metals (not recycled) will incur a cross on the "A" if shown to have caused displacement and destruction of flora and fauna habitat.

For more information on The NOVA Key please visit the NOVA Key website at